S.A. Surgical Anatomy Ltda with headquarters at R. Itororo, 72, Vila Santa Catarina, Campinas, São Paulo, CEP 13.466-240, hereinafter referred to as CONTRACTOR and on the other hand the recipient , herein after referred to as CONTRACTING PARTY.

CLAUSE ONE – Object, Place and Date

1.1 – The object of this Agreement is the provision of educational services in the “RHINO ANATOMY” courses.

1.2 – The Course is scheduled to start on the dates published in https://Rhinoaanatomy.com.br

1.3 – The venue will be held in São Paulo State (Location to be defined or as published in the full program).

1.4 – The dates and locations of the course may be changed by the organization up to 60 days before the start of the Course, without the CONTRACTING PARTY being entitled to any type of reimbursement or indemnity.


2.1 – The CONTRACTOR must comply with the planned program of the Course and its classes, with the exception of the changes specified for herein.

THIRD CLAUSE – the CONTRACTING PARTY’s obligations and responsibilities


3.1. Present a diploma or document of completion of a medical degree course, duly recognized by the competent authority, as well as other personal documents required by the CONTRACTOR during the registration process.

3.2 – Comply with the schedule of programmed activities of the Course. Including: completing the registration 30 days prior to the event.

3.3 – Comply with all the rules established by the CONTRACTOR, the deadlines and payment of the Course and the specific rules of the classrooms.

3.4 – Be responsible for the use and handling of all material and equipment provided by Surgical Anatomy or by the establishments where the classes will be held, being responsible for their misuse and indemnifying for the loss, misplacement or perishment of what is under its custody.

3.5 – The CONTRACTING PARTY is legally responsible for the veracity and authenticity of the registration information provided.

FOURTH CLAUSE – payment, cancellation and fine

4.1 – The Course´s fee are as described on the website (https://rhinoanatomy.com.br

4.2 – Any and all costs such as transport, food, travel will be borne by the CONTRACTING PARTY.

4.3 – If the CONTRACTING PARTY, for any reason, cancels its participation in the Course up to 30 days before the start date, a 30% fine will be charged on the total amount.

4.4 – However, if the cancellation occurs after the period established above, the CONTRACTING PARTY will not be entitled to any reimbursement of amounts already paid.

4.5 – The cancellation request must be formalized through an email to be sent to the following email address: debora.frazatto@surgicalanatomy.com.br

4.6 – The CONTRACTOR’s no show from the venue does not exempt him from the payment and does not generate any right to reimbursement.

4.7 – In case of default, the CONTRACTING PARTY will be required to pay a fine of 30% (thirty percent) on the full value of this contract, plus monetary correction (IGPM) and interest of 1% (one per percent) pro rata die;

FIFTH CLAUSE – the use of the image

The CONTRACTING PARTY authorizes the use of its name and image by any means, physical or electronic, for the disclosure of activities, images of classes, advertising and other forms of dissemination of this Course or the ones to come.

SIXTH CLAUSE – liability

6.1 – The CONTRACTING PARTY is responsible, for all its acts, and, from now on, agrees to keep the CONTRACTOR free of any charge, assuming on its behalf the demands, when possible, or bearing all the costs that the CONTRACTOR may incur as a result of the his/her acts

SEVENTH CLAUSE – general provisions and termination

7.1 – The CONTRACTOR has the right to terminate the Contract if the CONTRACTOR does not comply with all the good customs and behavior or violates any mandatory rule of conduct.

7.2 – The CONTRACTING PARTY declares that knows, agrees and freely submits to the procedures and rules of the CONTRACTOR, as well as the rules of each of the establishments where the classes will be taught.

7.3 – The CONTRACTOR may change the class schedules according to external factors not caused by the CONTRACTOR. For example, pandemic or restrictions rules caused by COVID-19, among others.


The jurisdiction of the Comarca de Campinas is elected as the place of payment and competent to judge the cases arising from this Agreement.

Thus, being fair and contracted, the CONTRACTING PARTY signs this instrument when paying the course through the link indicated in the body of this email.